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DNA testing procedure

Medical Genomic appreciates the value of time of our clients. Having this in mind we have developed the accurate and efficient “3-click”on-line testing service. Now DNA testing cannot be easier.

At home:

To order a test all you have to do is to  choose the test you require, fill in your contact details, select an appropriate delivery method for the DNA collection kit and the way you would like to receive the results, and, finally, pay on-line using a credit or a debit card on our secure server.

Within 24 hrs of receiving your request we will post you a buccal swab DNA collection kit together with instructions for safe and confidential specimen collection in the privacy of your own home. After collecting the samples you post the kit directly to our laboratory and leave the rest to us - our PhD qualified scientists will conduct the test for you within the timeframe specific to the test of choice.

In the laboratory:

Upon receiving the samples we will extract the DNA from the swabs in absolutely sterile  conditions and subject it to a process known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Using PCR we can screen hundreds of genes even in a very minute DNA sample. Once the reaction is completed the products are analysed on the state of the art DNA sequencing machine were the differences between the samples are unambiguously resolved.

The data are then fed into a statistical software package specifically designed to calculate probabilities of paternity, maternity and other degrees of kinship based on genetic analysis. The software will assign each sample a specific probability of being related to the control sample (which is the child's DNA in the Paternity/Maternity Test, or DNA of an alleged relative in the Close Relative Test). If this probability is no less then a typical  probability for this type of relatedness depending on the number of genes screened and the ethnical origin of the individuals involved in testing then the kinship is confirmed,  otherwise it must be rejected.

To guarantee the quality and reliability of our result  we analyse two DNA samples from each individual. The  samples are investigated by two independent groups of PhD-qualified scientists who perform the described procedures completely independently and produce a scientific report. If, and only if, both reports show identical results the testing is considered completed. Otherwise the whole process will be repeated. Remember: you pay only for one analysis, we do the second one (and any other subsequent tests should they become necessary) absolutely free to ensure you get the best possible service for your money!

Once the testing is completed we will report the results straight back to you and, should it be necessary, assist you in arranging counselling with a specialist.

 To order a test, please follow this link

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