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Personalised medicine and well-being industries are both experiencing growth due to a variety of factors including rising health awareness and a consequent growth in ‘share of wallet’ spending. At the same time, the linkages between genes and various medical conditions are being discovered with increasing regularity in the wake of the recent decoding of the human genome.

Today, for the first time, using modern molecular-genetic approaches, it became possible to predict  within acceptable levels predispositions of an individual to contract diseases . This congenital susceptibility, which, in many cases, may be significantly reduced by changing the lifestyle, involves the interplay of individual genetic makeup, environment, personal habits, dietary and other lifestyle factors. Moreover the rate at which these interplays are becoming understood is about to accelerate due to fundamental technological breakthroughs. Medical Genomics is best placed to capitalise on these advances.

Genetic tests offer the promise of disease risk screening, if not full prediction, which allows an earlier preventive, rather than treatment-based approach. Constantly striving towards continuous improvement of our services, research and products we want to build a reputation of one of the leaders in this field.

Medical Genomics wants to make an important contribution to developing the healthcare system of the next generation and is eager to collaborate with companies and organisations who share our values and ideas. If you want to become our business partner or simply interested to get more information about us, please write to
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