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Recent advances in human genetics opened a window of exciting opportunities in developing new approaches to detecting the propensity of an individual to contract a disease. Chances of an individual to contract a particular disease, its severity and the efficiency of treatment are intricately linked to his or her genetic makeup as well as to the life style and environment this particular individual lives in or used to live. Understanding the chances of developing a condition before the onset of overt illness will enable people to plan their life accordingly, design the life strategy in such a way as to minimise the possible danger and develop health programmes specific for their individual organism in order to detect the disease early and deal with it in the most efficient way.

At Medical Genomics we develop integrated genetic approaches to early diagnostic and investigate the way which allow doctors to predict with high confidence whether an individual has a congenital predisposition to a particular disease. Latest advances in genetic technology coupled with the knowledge generated by the Human Genome Project enable us to define genetic and environmental components of disease and provide tools for predicting the predisposition and when and under which circumstances it can develop in to an active disease state. Our technology also helps doctors to catch the disease at early stages of development and thus significantly improve the efficiency of the treatment. Successful treatment largely depends on how early the disease can be spotted and we aim at developing tools to tackle this problem. We hope that our discoveries will pave the way to preventive medicine of the XXI century.

Medical Genomics seeks to enter into lifelong relationships with our customers who will benefit from our independent, professionally-administered testing and counselling to guide their personal health programmes. By engaging customers in an unprecedented ‘win-win’ long-term relationship we anticipate to offer them the latest ongoing medical advice as new genetic discoveries are made and as they move through various life stages provide our guidance and assistance.

Being at the cutting edge of genomic research Medical Genomics is committed to meeting standards of excellence in delivering our services to customers and in doing so abide by the most rigorous ethical principles.
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